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As seen with Belinda and Bobby for Top 3 Minnesota Gardening Products
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Heidi Heiland's Favorite New Gardening Products!
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The New "Mini"
Perfect for Tender Salad Greens and Gourmet Herbs!  Even Egg Plant and Tomatoes!




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Spring is Here!  Time to Plant!

The Little Acre® Raised Bed Garden Kit makes it super
easy &
to grow an organic garden 

Simply  1. Fill    2. Plant   3. Grow

"Natural Weave"
Looks natural - kind of like burlap - but it's better because it won't rot and it stands up straight!
  Super Cool!   

  • Grow a garden anywhere - Urban & suburban, condos, apartments, small yards, patios and container gardening, roof-top gardens!
  • Tomatoes go crazy!  Fresh salad greens and healthy herbs for gourmet cooking - right out your back door!  Grow anything - Go Organic!
  • Ages 4 to 104!   Kids love 'em and can have their own garden!
  • Raised bed gardens are easy to manage with less bending over
  • Easier than most raised bed garden kits - no assembly (no kidding)!
  • Ideal for School and Community Gardens,  Senior apartments, Fundraisers
  • 3 Sizes - 2 Designs

Sets up in ½ hour!

Eat Local    Eat Healthy   Have Fun!

NO Tilling    No Digging     NO Soil Amending     NO Tools   
Assembly, NO Hassles and best of all...  NO Weeds!

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