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Product Features


 NEW for 2014!  Natural Weave Fabric!

The Little Acre® raised bed garden bag makes it EASY for ANYONE to start a garden ANYWHERE.


  1. Unfold the bag, set it in a flat and sunny place where it can drain and fill with soil and fertilizer/compost
  2. Plant your favorite veggies, herbs, berries and flowers – seeds or plants
  3. Water & voilá! You have a garden!


This all takes less than a ½ hour and you can have a beautiful garden of fresh and healthy, locally grown food – right out your back door!

  • Can be set-up just about anywhere - apartments, condos, small back yards, patios, roof tops, urban/suburban settings - anywhere water can drain*.
  • Advantages are: no tilling, no soil amending, no tools or assembly, less bending over and best of all – no weeds!
  • Reusable - leave out for the winter or fold up and put in the garage.
  • Sturdy construction and completely self-supporting once filled with soil - holds a rectangular shape well due to baffles and reinforcements not seen in competing products.
  • Light color reflects sunlight so delicate plant roots will not over-heat.
  • Sizes:  3’ X 4’ X 9” ("Original"),  2' X 3' X 8" (The Little Acre "Junior") and NEW 1.5' X 2' X 6" (The "Mini")!  FILL:  6 bags, 3 bags, 1 bag 1.5 cu. ft. soil.
  • Can grow up and out of The Little Acre for planting efficiency:
  • Tall plants such as tomatoes/peppers/beans can be staked through bottom of Little Acre - fabric resists tear-out.
  • Sprawlers (e.g., squash, cucumbers, melons) can “flow” out    


  • Corner pockets are built in for staking a bean lattice or fencing to keep critters out.
  • Woven polypropylene fabric provides excellent drainage and aeration - can't over water. THIS IS A FEATURE not found in some similar products.
  • Detailed planting instructions and four suggetsed planting layouts included:  Salad Lover, Italian Lover, Kid Friendly, Salsa. 
  • Also included is a list of Big Bang for the Buck Veggies to maximize your harvest!
  • 1 Year Warranty against structural defects

* Not suitable for wooden surfaces.

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