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Spring, 2012

Gardening Creations from MN

Topic: "Top Gardening Products Developed in Minnesota"
The Little Acre is one of them! W
atch the video here!

Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens

opic:     "Sprinter" Gardening Tips and NEW Products!
The Little Acre JUNIOR size
... watch the video here!

  TUNE IN!  Big Blend Magazines and Radio, 1:00 MST/2:00 CST February 25, 2012

Read about Easy Garden Tips here - including planting with The Little Acre.

Topic: Edible Gardens
Tune in to this live broadcast to hear how the Little Acre got started... and how The Little Acre can help you grow your own tastier, healthier and localer (?) food - the easy way!  Read about tips to get growing quickly and easily. 

        Lake Minnetonka Magazine,  October 2011

The Minnetonka Patch, May 2011

Orono School Garden and Farm2Schools Program

The Little Acre partnered with Orono (MN) Schools, Hennepin County Organics Recycling and local garden center, Otten Brothers, to help children learn about where the food comes from.  Third graders planted their own organic gardens using compost made from their cafeteria lunch waste!  The gardens went crazy with the rich compost and lots of TLC  from the children who attend OK Kids over the summer!

  Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens
Heidi's Favorite New Garden Products for 2011...

...and the Little Acre was one of them!  Watch the video here! 

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